One of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly options in Architecture includes reusing an existing space or structure, rather than tearing-down and rebuilding entirely.  This can involve a "renewal" of an existing building, or an "adaptive reuse" of a structure, allowing it to be used in an entirely different way.

Existing buildings contain a tremendous amount of "embodied energy", which is a term used to define the amount of energy and material used to design and construct the building initially.

When the Owner of a new project is able to utilize at least a portion of the original building in a new project, the energy saved from the original construction, and resources saved or reduced in the new construction, can be substantial.

Such a concept is not for everyone or every project, but when it can be used, it can be beneficial for all involved.  It can help save time, help to save money, and help to reduce the impact on our environment.
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renewal and adaptive reuse